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Space Center Ventures, Inc. ("SCV") is the venture capital arm of Space Center, Inc. SCV typically invests in Twin Cities based private companies raising $1 - $5 million at a pre-money valuation of less than $15 million. SCV's portfolio companies are involved in several industries: bio-technology, business services, electronics and instrumentation, healthcare services, medical devices, new media, semi-conductors and related equipment, software and telecommunications.

Our Focus:

Minnesota Companies

We focus on emerging companies located in the State of Minnesota. With an 80 year Minnesota history we feel strong ties to the business community and believe we have the best and brightest in our own backyard.


We are inundated with business plans; the only sure way for your project to attract our attention is for someone we respect to refer it to us.

Strong and passionate management team

Experienced entrepreneurs have “been there, and done that” before. They know what it takes to put together and motivate the right team. They know how important stretegic partners are to the success of the business and they surround themselves with people smarter than themselves.

Unique and compelling value proposition

Good ideas need good customers willing to pay for the product or service. Many great ideas don’t get funded because there isn’t a strong enough value proposition for the customer. Be clear about the value of your service, and be prepared to communicate the value in specific and quantitative terms.

Generating or close to generating revenue

Revenue makes the world go ‘round. Your business plan must be focused on top-line growth.

Realistic exit strategies

A venture capitalist is not a bank. VC’s are looking for significant returns on their investments, and take appropriate risk management steps to ensure these returns. A clear and realistic exit strategy must be presented and should be foreseeable within three to four years.